Urns Honoring a Loved One

Today there was a really nice article in our local paper about the ceramic urns I make.

Cremation urns have been part of my pottery business for ten years now. The article tells about why I chose to do this as a potter.

See it here at, The Greenfield Recorder.

White Petal Urn

My New Biodegradable Clay Urns

This past summer was a very productive summer for me, designing new biodegradable urns.  I started making biodegradable urns two summers ago using recycled paper, re-claimed clay and wild flowers, (see website).  Although I liked the urns the timing wasn’t working so well, because the flowers that worked well were only available for short periods of time.  This really limited the time of the year I could make these urns.  I knew within the first year as they began to sell, that I had to make these differently. 

My first love before pottery was printmaking, especially mono-printing.  This past winter I took a workshop with Catherine White, she had us create mono prints and collage on paper.  My love of mono-printing was revived!  Two of my potter friends Mary Barringer, and Tiff Hilton, who also took the workshop decided we would meet at my studio monthly to continue the painting, and collage work.  From there, I began to incorporate these mono-printed papers into my urns!

 I have been busy taking photos, re-vamping my biodegradable urn page of my website, and setting up a new etsy shop,  (both not quite ready yet, but very soon!)  Here is a little preview of a few urns, from the Blue Series!  More to come soon!



Carving Pots

When I make my urns I tend to do a lot of carving into them, it may be as simple as carved leaves or as complex as a four-footed form.

I have been very busy the past couple of months just trying to keep up with the many orders for urns.  Every now and then I’ll get a commission for a personalized urn.   Here are a couple of photos of a footed urn being carved for a dog name Winslow, and a carved leaf urn for cat named Ruphus!

Clover Leaf Urn

Back in March I talked about tiles, patterns, and sketches for larger pieces.  I showed a picture of a new clover leaf pattern urn drying… well here is the finished product!   This is a pattern I have been using for years is various ways on clay.  The repetitive stamped pattern has always intrigued me in the way it creates an optical illusion between positive and negative space. 


This piece and lots of other goodies will be on the new website coming soon! 

White on White Pottery/Snow Falling

Maybe I’m influenced by my surroundings… ya think?  I have lots of shades of green pottery, and shades of white.  Everytime I look out my studio window I see the field, and woods… that’s either green or white!  Ok sometimes brown… and I do have a few brown pots!   The latest forms from this  winter are a new series of white on white urns.  The pieces are approx. a foot in height, thrown on the wheel, trimmed, dried, then the pattern painted on with a resist (like shellac, or wax).  Once the shellac dries the exposed clay is rubbed away with a wet sponge.  It is a long and laborious process, giving beautiful results. 

White on White Vine, Lucia Pottery



The Covered Container

As a utilitarian potter I seem to make a lot of covered containers.  I really enjoy making them, yet I remember as a student they were the dreaded project.  (Just as they seem to be for my current students!)  They are definitely one of the more challenging forms.  I remember back to my Junior Pots class at Alfred with Val Cushing; he had us focus on making those lids become one with the form underneath it, and it’s his voice that I remember so often as I am fitting those lids.

Below are a few of my cremation urns drying for this weeks bisque.  These urns are approximately 12″ tall.  Along side these urns are my teeny, tiny covered salt cellars, about 2″ tall.  These are new little forms which I’m having some fun with.