Attaching Handles to Teapots

Last week I posted my baby teapots (two pounds).  This week I made momma teapots (four pounds).  Some people only want two cups, some need to have four to five cups.  I just like making teapots… doesn’t matter what size!  Actually the only issue I have is with the larger ones… pulling the handle off the pot… it gets rather tiring after you’ve done a few of them.

Becoming a Teapot: Kiln Opening

Wooo-hooo!  … a nice kiln firing with teapots.  Here are the teapots glazed, and ready for the firing… and 32 hours later, barely cool enough to take out of the kiln!

Yes, these will be available at this weekend’s Holiday Open Studio Sale!


Becoming a Teapot: Part 2

Another little slideshow… this week it’s glazing . 

 After the bisque firing, the teapots are ready for decorating and glazing.  Here is a little taste of the studio on a glazing day.  

Can’t imagine why a potter’s hands are so tired! 

Coming soon… some finished teapots, ready for the Holiday Sale this weekend, Dec, 3rd, 4th, and 5th!


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Becoming a Teapot

You really do have to put your heart and soul into the making of a teapot.  It is only when you become a student of pottery that you understand all the time, effort, experience, artistry, and love of clay that it takes to make a teapot.

This past week in the studio was teapot making time!  Here is a little slide show to give you an idea about teapot parts.  The last photo includes a finished mug along side a teapot drying, showing what glaze the teapot will have.

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The Other Teapot

Last week I posted the bamboo handle teapots in “All Dressed Up”.  This teapot came out of the kiln the day before the sale and I was too busy to photograph it.   Well wouldn’t you know it sold Saturday afternoon of the Pottery Trail.  I’ve never done this before, but I asked the customer if she had five extra minutes for me to take some photos.  They are a bit rushed, but at least I can remember how it was glazed!