Blindfolded Pottery

Put on the blindfolds, turn on the potters wheels… this is “Big Girl Pottery class” (as my students call it!)

Mind you, I do not do this every class, just once a year or so.  The blindfold class is to remind them the importance of listening to the clay.  In losing our sense of sight, our sense of touch becomes heightened.  It’s a real good reminder to focus only on the way that clay feels in our hands.

It’s also a lot of fun.  Plus with a bunch of middle-aged women I of course hear the comments… like, what is this 50 Shades of Clay?  Ooh, I wish Patrick Swayze were here… is that Unchained Melody I hear?

you're not really gonna make me throw blindfolded are youHere we go blindfolded potteryyes I can make a pot without lookingBlind Pots

Spring Pottery Classes

Yes Spring is in the air!  I can’t believe a new set of ten week classes is beginning at the end of March.  So, if you’re looking to try your hand at the potter’s wheel I still have a few openings! 

Check out my website for the details.


Winter Classes at Lucia Pottery

The new 10 week session begins January 11th 2012!  

I posted the new classes barely two weeks ago… a little late, but I’ve been a little pre-occupied with holiday sales.  There are three openings left for Wednesday nights…  Tuesday and Thursdays are filled.

So now I am a Betterist… a new thing out there on the world wide web…  or maybe it’s old by now, and I’m just catching up!  (The site was launched May 2010!)  Well I just set up my Betterist page on!   It seems like a pretty cool site if your a ceramics teacher, or any kind of individualized teacher for that matter… like yoga, fitness, dance, even math tutoring! 

Just type in ceramics at the top search box and you get a whole list of teachers.  You can narrow down your search to state, and distance.  It’s like a website for your classes, with a calendar, and as much of a description as you want to include for your classes. You can even post videos, and photo’s. 

Check out their history here

Oh, and speaking of classes.  The winter classes here at begin Jan. 11th.  Only two openings left for the winter session, and that would be for Tuesday nights.

The Creative Economy

More on the arts and the economy.

There is so much natural beauty here in Western Massachusetts, and so much happening in the arts.  But the biggest and most exciting happenings are right here in Greenfield!  Between the recent International Brick and Mortar Video Festival, to the huge state grant recieved for a performing arts center!  Greenfield Ma. is in the midst of a downtown revival, thanks in part to the many artists, and musicians that live in the valley.  

I recently read an article in Preview (the valley arts magazine) about Greenfield coming back to life.  In an interview with Ed Wierzbowski, artist and entrepreneur, and major player in the downtown revival, (restoring two central Main St. historic buildings).  Ed talks about the ripple effects of the creative economy.  He was quoted as saying for every dollar spent on the creative side, five more are spent locally.  I see how that happened here with my recent pottery workshop.  Money was spent at the B&B’s, restaurants, local shops, and farms!  

When I think about where I live, I think about the vibrancy of the arts and the beauty of this area known as Western Massachusetts.  I ask myself how do I want to see this place in five years?   Do I want a Wal-mart?  Or do I want to walk downtown and go to a great restaurant, a concert, an art opening, or a  movie?  Do I want to shop at the small locally run businesses,  or get on my bike to go buy apples from the local orchard, or maybe just take a walk and see the scenic views?   I think the answer is pretty clear… when you live in a special place that tourists come to all year round, (especially the Leaf Peepers this time of year), you should keep that a place that people want to see, taste, and feel with all their senses!


The Pottery Biz and Local Economy

I’ve just finished a one week intensive pottery workshop here in the lovely hills and valley of western Massachusetts.  It is my second workshop for the year.  Students have come from as far away as France, Canada, and Texas, New York, Boston, and Vermont.  Someone recently asked me where the students are staying.  I said, “Bed and Breakfast’s,”  He said, “Boy, Lucy you are really a part of the local Arts and Economy.”  I smiled proudly and said yeah I guess I am. 

Between my workshops, weekly classes, open studio sales, and the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail.  I’m happy to know that what I do as potter/teacher contributes to the local economy.

Some pics below from our two field trips during the workshop.  A View from the French King Bridge,  the Green River and Barton’s Cove.



Making Pottery at the October Workshop

What a wonderful week we are having at my fall pottery workshop.   I have some serious potters all at the beginning of setting up their pottery studios.  We have been working on some of the more difficult aspects of functional ware, like handles and lids, to name a few.  I’m seeing leaps and bounds in four days time!  Tomorrow is our last day together,  I wish they all lived around here, they are truely awsome people and students… Dan and Sue from Canada, Larry from Texas, and Jeanne from Vermont.