The Puppy is Growing

OK, so I know Graham is a short dog, but Willow is already walking over him, while he is standing!

Growing Willow, at three and a half months


Snoozing Studio Dogs

This photo was taken after the daily ritual of their morning chase. I leave the door open from the studio into the house.  They run back and forth from the house woodstove, to the studio pellet stove… about twenty times! 

Ptown and Seals

It’s the first day of Fall… I just had to share these photo’s of our last days of summer at the Cape.  We went to Provincetown, Cape Cod for a couple of days to bike the beautiful dunes of the national seashore.  I really enjoyed the break after the studio renovations, and before the busy season and teaching begins.  What a great get away in September.  Good weather, Gorgeous beaches, and SEALS!

Province LandsThe most incredible dunesSeals at Head of the Meadow Beach, Cape CodLobster claw at Head of the Meadow Beachbiking one of the gorgeous trails

New Sneakers and Back to School

Another Year begins… another Happy Dance is done!  

My boys… I love them so, but it’s great to have the routine of school again!

Here they are not wanting their photo taken, as they wait for the bus, (with new sneakers).  Luke is now in 9th grade at the HS!  (I just sent him off to kindergarten.)  Andrew is in 6th grade.

First Day of School

Morning News and Tea

I walked out to the mailbox this morning to get the paper, saw the front page and smiled, a big happy grin.  Equal rights for all U.S. citizens is soon on it’s way.  Vermont’s Gay Marriage bill passed, overturning the Governor’s veto.  Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont… there’s hope California!

So, I got my most favorite mug,  made a cup of tea, and read all about it.

morning news

morning news

Time off from Mud/Dog helps fix Kiln

I had a wonderful break from one kind of mud, but spent a whole lot of time in my old house mudding in un- even walls, and painting.  Last winter we tranformed an old pantry next to the studio into a 1/2 bath and utility room.  This holiday break it’s finally finished!  It’s been great to have a slop sink and toilet for the studio.

I’m back to the mud I prefer, after starting my work week with fixing my kiln.  After so many firings, an element wire needed to be replaced and some wiring got fried my last firing (of course right before the holiday sale).

Here is a photo of my dog Graham helping me fix the kiln!

My dog in the middle of things

Do I make my dinnerware for my kitchen…. or shovel more snow?

That is the question….










I really need to make my dinnerware for our kitchen…. we have been eating off of seconds, cracked and chipped for years now.   When the busy season slows down I think, ok I’ll make the plates… it never seems to happen.  I don’t think it happening today either.  We had over a foot of snow the last two days and so far we have another six inches today with no signs of stopping…… So I think I’ll go shovel again!!

….or maybe X-Country ski again!!!!

Our backyard, cold frames and me covered in snow.