10 thoughts on “SHOP

  1. Hi Lucy,

    I think I remember you from Alfred. I graduated in 1986.

    I was in a few classes taught by Val Cushing.

    Your work is fantastic!


  2. Hi Carl… I’m trying to picture you. It was such a long time ago! You may have been in one of Val’s classes when I was his glaze lab assistant.
    Are you making pots now?
    Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Yes it was a long time ago! Wow how time passes by so quickly.

    I am making pots at a place called the Workhouse in Lorton, VA. I am taking some classes from a guy named Dale Marhanka. He was a year behind me at Alfred, and also a student of Val’s.

    Speaking of Val….Dale has him comming to the Workhouse to give a workshop 23-24 October 2010.

    He is also having his work on display 20 Sept-24 Oct with the closing reception on 22 Oct, 7-9 PM.

    I am taking part in the workshop as I thought it would be nice to see Val again after all these years.

    Keep up the excellent work!



  4. Lucy, what fabulous work you do! I so appreciate our personalized product, it is so elegant and I can’t even dream up a more suitable place for our lost companion. Thanks!

  5. Hey Lucy 🙂 Just wanted to say that I love your clay work, and I’ve actually chosen to do an artist study on you at school 😀 Its based on your “White on white vine urn” 🙂

  6. Lucy I need two chalices and two plates and like the pair u offer how do I order and find out the price Maryann

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