Making Asparagus Trays

I call these Asparagus trays, but the reality is that they can be used for anything from fresh cut bread to clementines.

I thought it would be nice to share some photos of how I make these oval, long handled trays!

Freshly made.

Freshly made.


Block Printing Tool from India

Block Printing Tool from India

Circles becoming Ovals

Thrown bottomless, then made into oval.

Cut Bottoms to Fit the Oval

Joining the top to the bottom.


Asparagus Trays Drying

With handles, drying on worktable




Who do I market to?

For the past couple of years I have narrowed down my market to direct sales, with some wholesale.  I’m not striving to be represented by galleries.  Yet for years I thought it was what I was supposed to do, (a little left-over from going to Alfred U).  Basically what I want is for people to use my pottery and find some joy in using it.

So in light of this realization, that I mostly sell directly to customers, I have thought a great deal these past few months about the photo’s of my work, and how they appear to pottery buyers.   I have decided to change my photos from the black/grey background (which galleries love to see) to a more light airy, “this might look good in my house” look! 

 Here are a couple of shots. More to come as I update website and etsy shop.

Getting ready for the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

I have been making lots of goodies for the upcoming Pottery Trail, this April 30th and May 1st.  Today is my last day of making pots, then it is time for glazing, glazing, glazing!

Here is a new crop of Asparagus trays that should be ready just in time for the Asparagus that are getting ready to pop their heads up soon in the Valley! 

I have also been making lots of mugs, waiting for decoration….green leaves, or blue stripe?

Hand Block Prints And Clay

I found this short and beautiful film clip on YouTube recently and thought I’d share it!  It it shows a little bit of India and how wood blocks are made, and used.  It really caught my attention because of the beautiful filming, and the fact that I use these type of blocks in my clay work.

See video here!

I have always liked to use pattern on my pots.  Places I have found pattern have been as far-flung as a lemon zester, to old tap and die tools from a local factory.   A couple of years ago a student of mine gave me some printing blocks from India.  I have used them here and there.  About a year ago I posted some asparagus trays drying, but never posted the finished product.  Here they are again, with the finished product.  I used the blocks for texture on the bottom inside. 

That Etsy Shop

Ok… so the Open Studio/Holiday Sale is over, and was a great success… now it’s time for that neglected etsy shop.   Time, time, time… just need a lot more of it! 

 There have been some great reads on other potter’s blogs about etsy, namely John Bauman and Ron Philbeck .  I really like the idea of etsy… it is just a new kind of work to me… taking lots of photo’s, being a little bit of a story-teller in describing my pottery, and last but not least,  listing, and re-listing, and re-listing again.  I think it’s just the learning curve.  I will eventually do it with ease. 

Take a look at my foodieceramics etsy shop here!  I’m having a sale… FREE SHIPPING in the U.S!!