Gearing Up for the Holiday Sales

How does November slip in there so quickly?  November has always been one of my favorite months of the year.  I love the leaves beneath my feet and that sweet fragrance that emanates from them into the air with each step I take.  I love Thanksgiving and the family gathering.  Ahh… the family gathering, so special, and even more so as my birthday, or one of my two sisters birthdays inevitably seems to fall on Thanksgiving.  Three of the six of us have birthdays the same week!

It has been ingrained in me that November is family time, and the time to transition, slow down, cozy in… fourteen years ago I had my first open studio/holiday sale… since then November has never been the same.

Don’t get me wrong I still love everything I mentioned above, now I’m just conflicted… 10-12 hour workdays just don’t equate with long walks, family time and cozying in… I still try… kinda like some people have their power naps, I have my power cozy.

So here is what I am gearing up for these next few weeks!

November 22nd & 23rd, The Makers Market at the Parlor Room. Northampton, MA

November 18th through December 14th, Wesleyan Potters 59th Annual Exhibit and Sale  Middletown, CT

December 7th, Craft Show at Hosie & Sarah’s. Northampton, MA

And last but not least… my three day Open Studio/Holiday Sale! December 12th, 13th, 14th!

Goodies from the weekend firing.  More to come!

stash from the november firing (2)



Tile Bat System and Butter Keepers

I finally got to try out the new tile bats that I made in August.  My broken rib is healing and I have about 75% of my throwing abilities back!  Yahoo!  Yesterday I made Butter Keepers for the busy season coming up.  The next show is the Garlic and Arts Festival (the one craft fair I do a year).  It’s a really cool happening, lots of fun, tons of people, and a great place to sell my foodie ceramics

Here is a photo of the tile bats all neatly lined up with butter keeper tops.  I was able to fit 12 in a space that I normally fit 8, because of the square tile, rather than the round bat.  Here is also a sneak peek at the new butter keeper that will be up for sale soon on Etsy.