10th Annual Open Studio at Lucia Pottery

lucyfagella_ mugs green stripey

This weekend December 8th & 9th, my studio is open from 10-5.

Lots of new work, and a bit of seconds going cheap!

Olives in Lucia Potteryfruit bowl22 juicersone handle strainerCheese Dish_Lucy FagellaFour Garlic Grate Colors_Lucia Pottery

Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

It’s today!  The 8th annual self guided tour of nine professional potter’s studio’s and their guests!  Check our website for a map directions and all the info about who’s on the trail.  There is all the latest on facebook too!

Here is a little taste of what you will find at my studio this time around.


Making that Blue Work for Me

A couple of months ago a wrote a post about blue pottery, and showed off a new blue glaze that I developed.  Well here it is, working for me in an almost jewel like fashion on a covered cheese dish.  In my previous post about blue glazes I talked about some reasons I didn’t like blue pottery, and asked, why do people like it so much.  I had some great responses. 

… I think I’m beginning to like blue a little more!

Of course if you go on the Pottery Trail this weekend you can get yourself one of these!

Getting Ready to Open an Etsy Shop

I have been thinking about this for over a year now, but was so busy working on the new website that it took a back burner.  I also thought well, why do I need an Etsy shop if I have a good website with buy buttons and paypal… well the answer is traffic.  The other answer is social networking, like this blog, a facebook fan page and twitter (for the time being I refuse to do twitter… I just don’t have that much to talk about… geez, facebook is hard enough).  Etsy is just more social networking, there are shops you “heart”, (kinda like “LIKES” on FB) when you heart a shop and other users see your heart they can click on your link and it automatically brings them to your shop!  Etsy is its own little world which just keeps getting bigger everyday.  So many people peruse though those pages, I figure if I just have a few of my items on Etsy that I sell from my website, it will bring more people to my website where they can find more work!

The pottery that I will be selling on Etsy will focus just on the kitchen, the shop is named FoodieCeramics. It’s in process right now, I’m hoping to have some things for sale by next week.  I’ll be posting about the shop opening here!  If any of you Etsians reading this have any suggestions for me, please share 🙂

Here’s the pile-up on my work table, getting ready for Etsy, and a wholesale order.

Making a Lid for a Cheese Dish… a Slideshow

It’s the teacher in me… just thought you might like to see how a lid for a cheese dish is trimmed and finshed, with a knob.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The finished piece.

Covered Cheese Dish… Goat Cheese Anyone?

I live in farm country, and love to make pots that can be used for the many local products that are harvested here in the valley.  Recently at our Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail, the owner of Hillman Farm (goat cheese) came to my studio.  She asked if I made covered cheese dishes.  I said no, but I would like to.  I asked her about the details on size etc.  She explained that many people have goat cheese at room temperature, but that it needs to be covered.  Well this gave me a new pottery challenge.  So the past week or so I have been playing with ideas for these covered dishes.  Here is one that I have decided to move further with.

Finished and unfinished covered cheese dishes

Morning light. Covered cheese dishes in process