Strawberry Season and Lucia Pottery

It doesn’t get any more local than this… strawberries from Nourse Farm in Whately, Bread from El Jardin Bakery in Deerfield, syrup from Sunrise farm in Colrain, honey in my tea from Warm Colors Apiary in Deerfield, eggs from my chickens, and pottery made by me. A good way to start my work week.

Looking forward to picking many pounds of strawberries this week at Nourse Farms. We will be making lots of jam, and freezing bunches for shakes and strawberry sauce all year long!

Pictured below, berry basket and mug, available at my etsy foodieceramics shop.  Plate is special order.

Berry bowl with strawberries Breakfast on Lucia PotteryTea and StrawberriesStrawberry french toast

Plate Setters

I recently had a question from potter Joel Cherrico asking me about the plate setters I use for dinnerware sets, (that I don’t actually like to make… sorry folks they are just too time consuming).

I think I got these setters from my favorite ceramic supplier, Sheffield Pottery.  The plates are currently used daily in our kitchen.

Dinner Plates on Setters_lucy fagellaPlate setters

For more on dinnerware sets see a post I wrote a couple of years ago on what a potter makes per hour.  I gauged it on a dinnerware set.  

What I did at the Workshop

Since the Catherine White workshop was hands on, I figured I might as well share what I made.

Day one was mono-printing, drawing, and collage.  Day two was making that all happen on clay!

When I first started out as an artist, it was all about print-making and drawing for me, but then pottery took over as my favorite medium and the rest fell away.  For the past few years I have been missing print-making and drawing, and have been trying to bring it back into my life.  When we were choosing workshop presenters Catherine was at the top of my list because of her mono prints and clay work.

Below is one of the collages from the first day, and my plates from day two,  below that, are a couple of my “sketch plates” which I have been making for the past year or so. 




Catherine fires to cone 10 reduction with gas or wood.  The slips, and ash are from her studio.  I have no idea what they will look like in a cone 6/7 oxidation atmosphere… I’ll be firing them next week.

Below are my sketch plates… it is my way of working things out small, and quickly, and at the same time they are practical. (isn’t everything I do?)  Once they have served their purpose for my learning experience, I am able to sell them at my studio sales very easily.  They measure 6″ round,  and people seem to love the size for snack plates.  The first plate, (in a black oil glaze) is part of my dinnerware.  We have been using it for the past five months in my kitchen.  The second one, is a new blue with wax resist.  I am trying to get this painterly, mono print like feel that I have been missing.  I think the workshop might push me even further in this direction.  We shall see what influences it will have on my work!  Fun, fun, fun!



Dinner Plate Test Results

Here are some images of the test plate results.  

The first pictured is the beautiful, but troublesome white on white test plate.  As I said in the last post, no crazing occurred until two weeks later and one time in the dishwasher.  It was so soft looking and subtle… now all you see is crazing. 

The second pictured is the dark, lustrous, trouble free oil spot glaze with a hint of waxy blush for a little lift.  This has been through many dishwashings, and lots of use in the past month.  It has clearly proven itself as the winner of the dinner plate contest for our kitchen.