Thankful for Buying Local

It is January, there is a foot of snow on the ground, it’s as cold as can be… yet today local farmers gathered at Greenfield High School to sell their produce.  I purchased fresh greenhouse spinach and lettuce, squash, whole wheat flour, honey, apples, jam, bread, grass fed beef, chicken, and even hot dogs!  The Winter Farmers Market is growing steadily in Western Massachusetts.  In Greenfield it is now a monthly event through the winter! 

As I made my purchases I talked with the farmers.  I asked them anything I wanted to know about their crops, and I thought wow, this is great.  I love knowing where my food is coming from, I love buying local and keeping dollars in my community and  I love supporting farmers!  I was happy!  The chitter chatter with the farmers and the smile on my face reminded me of how I feel with customers in my studio.  Just a month ago at my Holiday Sale I was the one answering all the questions, and seeing the smiles on my customers faces.  People thanked me for making pottery, and said how happy they were to be in my studio…  I thanked them for supporting their local potter! 

It’s all good!

local apples

The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

The Trail was a great success!  My studio was a buzzing…hundreds of people visiting, asking questions, looking at the details of my pottery studio and buying pots.  One of my favorite things about studio sales is the very fact that a buyer can see how things are made, see an artist’s surroundings and ask questions.  It brings a little extra home with you….a little reminder of the experience every time you use the pot!

An exciting thing about the trail is building community.  We are nine potter’s living fairly close to each other living our separate lives, making our individual work (and our very different work). We come together for these couple of months to meet and plan for the Trail.  It’s not a competition, it’s really about cooperation.  I direct my customers to Tiffany’s for the stoneware dinnerware set, or Molly’s for the whimsical story pots, or Tom’s for the wood fired pots, and so on.  We really work together to make the whole experience for our customers a easy-going, fun-filled day!  

For those of you who came for the tour I hope you enjoyed it!