Urns Honoring a Loved One

Today there was a really nice article in our local paper about the ceramic urns I make.

Cremation urns have been part of my pottery business for ten years now. The article tells about why I chose to do this as a potter.

See it here at, The Greenfield Recorder.

White Petal Urn

Breaking From My Daily Ritual

It is not a regular ritual, like the day in, day out making of my functional pottery.  Making my biodegradable urns is something that happens every couple of months (unless I have a special order).  Making these urns is a whole different mindset from my functional foodie pottery.  The first thing I have to do is clear the big work table… which in turn clears my head.  I lay out the colored papers which I painted months before.  I think about my forms and patterns, roll out the paper clay that I have made weeks before, and begin creating.  The thing I love about these urns is the process… a totally different process than what I do daily in my studio.  The results are immediate, the color, the texture, and the form.  No kiln involved, no waiting a couple of weeks for the results!

My article in “THE STUDIO POTTER”

Check out the current issue of The Studio Potter .  I wrote an article entitled,

“Container for the Spirit”.

When I heard the issue was on “The Body”.  I felt compelled to write about the

containers I make, which hold the remains of the body. 


If you are not a subscriber to The Studio Potter, your missing out on quite a fine 

ceramics magazine. To subcribe go to www.studiopotter.org



It is where we start – the most
intimate and inalienable unit
of our personhood and the vehicle
of our lived experience.
By our bodies we measure, know,
and make sense of the world
Our bodies are the referent by which we understand many of
languages’s abstractions: the upness of above, the hardness
of difficult, the opposition of inside and outside. The hand,
we say, has mastery, but for makers the whole body…
THE BODY Volume 37 Number 1 Winter 2008/Spring 2009 

New Urn Pics Finally On My Website

One of the reasons I started a blog is to get images of my work out there sooner.  Although I love the work my web designer does, he does have a life, and sometimes it takes awhile to get stuff changed.  This week he put the new photos up and will soon get the info and pricing up.

Here is another peek at the new work.  This one was made with the intention of the light within each one of us.  This is a double walled thrown container with literally hundreds of holes in the outer wall…. time consuming…. yes, but worth it, especially with a votive placed under it.  When a loved one dies we should all be reminded of the light…. their spirit which lives on!

“Ashes to Art” Exhibit

Tonight at the Funeria Gallery in Graton California is the opening of the 4th International Biennial Exhibit, “Ashes to Art.”  This show is an excellent exhibit of cremation urns which include ceramic, metals, fiber, glass, and mixed media.  The last biennial exhibit was written up in the New York Times Magazine and The Boston Globe. I am happy and proud that two of my works were selected to be in this show.

I had given you a view of my new urns back on last months blog, but did not include these because everything was hush, hush until the press releases were out.  So here are pics of the two urns.  They are of course my regular porcelain work fired to cone 7 oxidation.  The smaller apple shaped “Life Vine”urn is a double walled container measuring approx. 7″x7”.  The Tall “Life Vine” urn is 17″H x 5″W.


New Urn Photos/Fall Pottery Classes Posted

I have been busy filling orders, and in between trying to get some vacation days at the beach.  I promised to post some new urns that I gave you a sneak pick at last month,  so here are a couple.  The sizes of these are 18″h.

Check out my pages for an update on new classes that are posted and some up-coming events.