In Yankee Magazine

If you live in the Northeast you probably have heard of  Yankee Magazine.  It has been a mainstay in New England since 1935!

I am honored to be in the current issue, March/April 2013.

yankeemagNew England’s Finest.  The Made-in-New England Kitchen, tools and serving pieces from local artisans.

Tile Bat System and Butter Keepers

I finally got to try out the new tile bats that I made in August.  My broken rib is healing and I have about 75% of my throwing abilities back!  Yahoo!  Yesterday I made Butter Keepers for the busy season coming up.  The next show is the Garlic and Arts Festival (the one craft fair I do a year).  It’s a really cool happening, lots of fun, tons of people, and a great place to sell my foodie ceramics

Here is a photo of the tile bats all neatly lined up with butter keeper tops.  I was able to fit 12 in a space that I normally fit 8, because of the square tile, rather than the round bat.  Here is also a sneak peek at the new butter keeper that will be up for sale soon on Etsy.

Getting Ready to Open an Etsy Shop

I have been thinking about this for over a year now, but was so busy working on the new website that it took a back burner.  I also thought well, why do I need an Etsy shop if I have a good website with buy buttons and paypal… well the answer is traffic.  The other answer is social networking, like this blog, a facebook fan page and twitter (for the time being I refuse to do twitter… I just don’t have that much to talk about… geez, facebook is hard enough).  Etsy is just more social networking, there are shops you “heart”, (kinda like “LIKES” on FB) when you heart a shop and other users see your heart they can click on your link and it automatically brings them to your shop!  Etsy is its own little world which just keeps getting bigger everyday.  So many people peruse though those pages, I figure if I just have a few of my items on Etsy that I sell from my website, it will bring more people to my website where they can find more work!

The pottery that I will be selling on Etsy will focus just on the kitchen, the shop is named FoodieCeramics. It’s in process right now, I’m hoping to have some things for sale by next week.  I’ll be posting about the shop opening here!  If any of you Etsians reading this have any suggestions for me, please share 🙂

Here’s the pile-up on my work table, getting ready for Etsy, and a wholesale order.

Stop Throwing, Start Glazing for the Holiday Open Studio

I always find it hard to stop throwing before my Studio Sales.  I get this fear that there will not be enough.  I said to my apprentice Pam on Thursday,  What if someone comes in and buys a stack of Garlic Grating dishes and I run out.  Well Thursday night someone did just that… a customer came to the studio and bought ten “Garlic Grates” (my name for them), I didn’t run out , but it just instilled more fear of not having enough.  It’s always nice to sell a bunch of stuff, but needless to say, today I was back in the studio throwing more, and feeling like I should be back in tomorrow for more.

It’s now one in the morning and I’m waiting for a kiln to finish.  (did I tell you I just love my new L&L kiln) It’s just non stop for the few weeks before the sale!   Here are some olive dishes and butter keepers waiting for the bisque firing.

BTW the Open Studio is December 4,5,6 .

These will have the green glaze which pools blue in the split rim

French Butter Keepers drying in the sunshine

November Studio

What’s Up At the Studio?  It has been busy lately…

I have an opening at Molly Cantor Pottery this Friday Nov. 6th from 5-8pm.   As the artist of the month, my work can be purchased there for the whole month of November.  For those of you who have not seen Molly’s gorgeous new Gallery/Studio in Shelburne Falls, this is a great time to see the space, Molly’s work, and my work.  

 The following Friday, the 13th, 5-7pm  my work is in the annual Cup Invitational at the Artisan Gallery in Northampton.  This show is up until the end of Dec.

Three weekends in November you can find my seconds and discontinued work at the annual benefit at Snow Farm Craft Center.  This is an amazing array of pottery, glass, jewelry, fibers, etc. from artists all over New England!  Proceeds benefit programs at Craft Center.  Nov. 13,14,15.  20,21,22.  27,28,29.

french butter keepers drying

Some of the work I’ve been making for the Nov/Dec. sales   These are the lids (upside down), and body of the French Butter Keepers.   Also shown are two Keepsake Urns and Garlic Graters. 



Before Show Preparations and Hurting Hands

This weekend is the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival.  Where everything is garlic, even the ice cream.  So I’m bringing my garlic graters, french butter keepers with garlic flavored butter, and garlic jars.  I guess I’ll bring some mugs and bowls too.

I don’t usually do craft fairs but I’m trying to do more local stuff and have found that diversity is the key to  running a good business.  I’ve also heard this is a good fair.  Too bad the weather is calling for rain…  we shall see.

Does anyone have any suggestions besides rest, (which I am doing today) for hurtin potter’s hands???   My hands have been hurting since building all the new tables and shelves for the studio.  I then did a lot of throwing, and now a lot of glazing. 

Here is a pic of the loaded glaze table.  Lot’s of garlic graters!

Glazing for the Garlic and Arts Festival