My Blog has Moved to

I am writing this post to let you all know that my blog here on has moved over to my own website. I liked wordpress so much that I got myself a new website at Now I can have my website and blog all rolled into one!
This is my third website since 2005 (my how time flies). I am very excited about this new website… not that I didn’t like my last one, it’s just that after four years, it became outdated with the leaps and bounds in technology that have been happening.  So this new website is mobile friendly, and connects to my two shops… “Shop Lucia Urns”, and “Shop for the Kitchen.”  Both are secure sites which take all credit cards through
For those of you who follow me here, you will no longer get your automatic email notifications when a new post comes out… but the good news is that you can sign up on my website for a monthly update of studio news, classes, workshops, events, sales, and blog posts!
Take a look at my new website at and follow me there by signing up with your email contact!

Urns Honoring a Loved One

Today there was a really nice article in our local paper about the ceramic urns I make.

Cremation urns have been part of my pottery business for ten years now. The article tells about why I chose to do this as a potter.

See it here at, The Greenfield Recorder.

White Petal Urn

Getting Pots Made for the Pottery Trail

The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail is coming up in six short weeks!  Our date this year is April 25th-26th.  In between getting pots made for that, I am spending time getting all of my information and photos to my web designer for my new website!  Hopefully it will be all up and running before the Trail.  My current website was made in 2010, even though it’s nice, it is antiquated.  It’s time for me to have a responsive website since a good percentage people use mobile devices to search sites.  Maybe I will share some sneak peeks of the website soon, but for now I will give you a peek of the mugs that will be ready for the Pottery Trail.

Last week I was working on mugs and cups, I was getting tired of trimming the same old foot. I was also dreaming of warm weather and flowers… zinnias to be exact, in the studio garden to be more exact.  So before I knew it these happy feet started to appear!  I always like to have texture on the bottom of my mugs (usually made with a wiggle type wire).  I think it’s fun to hold a mug and have something different to feel on different parts of the piece, and you can’t leave out the bottom!  We will see if this foot design becomes part of my repertoire or if it’s just something to get me through till the zinnia’s are in bloom.

Mugs DryingDetail of flower footHappy Feet

Patterns and Optical Illusions

Patterns, just love what they can do.  Repetition, movement, optical illusions.

I have been making these little treasure boxes with different patterns and glazes… here are some of the blue ones.  I have included the images of the process… how I draw the pattern using a square grid, then apply wax resist to the pattern.  I love the way they look glazed but not fired.  But what I really want you to look at is the optical illusion that occurs on the finished blue piece.  Do you see a leaf/petal or a diamond shape?  I see one first, then the other after awhile.

These will be available soon on my new updated website, and in my etsy shops… I need to have a long photo session, and get all the new stuff up!

DSC_0008 DSC_0015 DSC_0022

Taking Time Today for Photography

It seems that the past year or so I have been photographing my work mainly for etsy and my facebook page which tends to be in an informal setting.  I like to photo my work in this way for two reasons… one, because I love working with natural light in my photography… two, because it allows the viewer to see it in a way that is real to them, rather than a pot sitting on a white/grey/black background.  There comes a time though when you need some new work formally photographed for shows, so this morning was that time.


Spring at Lucia Pottery

The dogs, Daisy and Willow are guarding the studio as usual, while I am making my pots. My focus right now in the studio is stocking up on urns.  I have made my very smallest keepsakes to my largest urns, and have very tired hands to prove it. Now I’m giving it a rest and taking photos for my etsy FoodieCeramics shop, and my etsy LuciaUrns shop.  This coming week I will be in the fields and woods picking leaves and flowers for my yearly springtime making of biodegradable urns. And lastly, I having been watching a lot of baseball.  Only one son is playing this year as the other is off to college and not playing for now.  The Greenfield HS varsity team did very well again this year, not as good as last year (winning the Western MA championship).  They lost yesterday in the Western MA final.  Today the summer American Legion league started, so not even a day break for a baseball mom!

Lazy Memorial Day weekendReady to carveAll Sizes of UrnsFields of Grass Urn dryingGreen leaves urns drying


A Stash of New Pots from the Worcester Pottery Invitational

Recovering from the weekend at the Worcester Pottery Invitational, which I think should be called the Worcester Pottery Inspirational!

It was a tiring weekend, as a weekend show always is… but this show was even more so. Usually at a show when I am not talking to customers, I get a little break and sit quietly, but it was just too much fun to be with such great potters that all I did was look at their work, talk about pots, and life, as a studio potter.  The whole weekend was an inspiration!
Here is a stash of new pots that came home with me. I am happy to welcome the pottery of these talented potters to my home!  Holly Walker, Bryan Hopkins, Julie Johnson, Jeremy Randall, Julie Crosby, Tom O’Malley, Maya Machin, Rob Cartelli, Adero Willard, Nicole Aquillano, and Hannah Niswonger!

goodies from the Worcester Pottery Invitational