My Blog has Moved to

I am writing this post to let you all know that my blog here on has moved over to my own website. I liked wordpress so much that I got myself a new website at Now I can have my website and blog all rolled into one!
This is my third website since 2005 (my how time flies). I am very excited about this new website… not that I didn’t like my last one, it’s just that after four years, it became outdated with the leaps and bounds in technology that have been happening. ┬áSo this new website is mobile friendly, and connects to my two shops… “Shop Lucia Urns”, and “Shop for the Kitchen.” ┬áBoth are secure sites which take all credit cards through
For those of you who follow me here, you will no longer get your automatic email notifications when a new post comes out… but the good news is that you can sign up on my website for a monthly update of studio news, classes, workshops, events, sales, and blog posts!
Take a look at my new website at and follow me there by signing up with your email contact!