Urns Honoring a Loved One

Today there was a really nice article in our local paper about the ceramic urns I make.

Cremation urns have been part of my pottery business for ten years now. The article tells about why I chose to do this as a potter.

See it here at, The Greenfield Recorder.

White Petal Urn

The Pottery Cycle Begins for the New Year

It was such a busy holiday schedule this year.  I was quite wiped out after all the shows, sales, and packing of online orders.  Then came Christmas with lots of family visiting… a few wonderful days of a completely full house… once it was all over I just laid on the couch for a couple of days.

This past Monday I was back full time in the studio and the new cycle of pottery for the year began. It started with filling an order for mugs and making a batch of test tiles for testing Sheffield Pottery’s new version of their 92700 porcelain.  Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with paperwork, packing orders, and making some keepsake urns.  Today was finally a full day with my hands in the clay… ahh, what every potter wishes they could do all the time!  I trimmed the keepsakes, and made lots of lids for them. Tomorrow it’s trimming the tiny lids, which is very difficult because they are so small, (the size of the urn is about 3″x3″).

And so the cycle continues…

Fresh test tiles Keepske urns trimmed with untrimmed lids A few lidsPlaying in the leaves keepsake

Making Urns

It is now March and I have been meaning to write this post since January.  

January and February is my time to play catch up making urns.  This year was no different,  except much busier than other years.  This is my 5th year in the cremation urn business.  Making urns is very meaningful for me… I am making something for a very difficult time in a person’s life.  Sometimes it is hard, I listen over the phone, or though emails, while a person is grieving,  or put a hand on a shoulder when someone comes to the studio.  Most times I’m sending out an urn through the internet, without knowing who the urn is for.  So often I get an email after the urn was received…  people are so grateful for a handmade object, something of beauty.  When my parents died 12 years ago, it was all the kind gestures of others that helped get me through.  It was also the beauty of nature, or art, that took me away, and soothed my soul.  It was at that time I first thought about making urns.  I hoped someday that I could help others get through the difficulty of losing someone you love, by creating something useful and beautiful.  At the same time, do what I love most… make pots.

If you’re interested in reading more about my urns check out Studio Potter Winter 2009 and or The Crafts Report, November 2008

Here is a slide show of a large classic urn form in process.  To see all the finished urns visit Lucia Pottery.

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Tall Forms

I have been working on some of my tallest forms the past week.  I usually use my stand up potters wheel for all my work, but as I was throwing I was having a difficult time pulling the clay up.  So I tried the same amount of clay (9 lbs)at the sit down wheel and voila… it was so much easier!

These forms are my most detailed urn that I make…there are just so many stages to completion.  Here they are drying, waiting for the next step where I apply the shellac or wax resist for the pattern.  The large forms are 9 lbs and the little cute ones are 3/4 lb.  I will post  more photo’s as they progress.


Looks like they had babies!