The Pottery Trail is this Weekend

All the throwing, all the glazing, all the achy body parts that go with it. It’s such a build up to this event, our 11th annual Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail… and it’s all worth it!

Each year more and more people go on the Trail, taking the time to visit each of the nine studios, the host potters and their guest potters.  Experience all the goodies we have in store. It’s not only about buying great pots, it’s also a celebration of food, friendships, music, and demonstrations! So if you haven’t been on this great tour through the beautiful valley of Western Massachusetts, now is your time! Check out our website here, and please don’t forget to support our sponsors for great food, and a place to stay!

Here is what is in store at my studio this time around!

Berry BowlsCreamy White Salt CellarAmber and Blue Bowlsfor the trailDSC_0013 - Version 2salt and asparagus lucyfagellaPlatter Lucy FagellaGalaxy Urns Lucy FagellaCheese Dish Lucy Fagella 2Two Cups Lucy FagellaAmber Salt CellarsAmber Pitcher

The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

So exciting it’s our 11th Year!  A tour of 9 potters at their studios, each having at least one guest potter! If you haven’t made this tour yet, now is the time.  It is going to be a good one!  Make reservations to stay at one of our sponsor B&Bs, and enjoy some great local food.

Take a look at our brochure and see for yourself!



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What to expect at my studio on the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail


Today I cleaned the studio with my two assistants. Pamela, and Rosie.  Both of them went nuts, so if you come to the studio and don’t see a speck of clay anywhere… you will have to believe me that I really am a potter and I do actually make pots here!

The studio gets transformed from a working clay studio, to a gallery/shop. The five potter’s wheels are moved, the glazes are hidden under the glaze table, and all the work tables are covered with table linens for the display of pottery. Here are some pots fresh out of the kiln waiting to go on display.

sugar jar after ready for the trail sugar and salt

There are nine stops with 20 potters on the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail, some will have live music, some will have demos, all will have food!

At my studio you will first see a tent in front of the studio with pottery demonstrations on the wheel. (unless it is too cold, then my assistant will demo inside). If you want to get your hands dirty at the potter’s wheel, we will be more than happy to let you give it a try!  Once you come into the studio your senses will be greeted to the site of a lot of pottery and the aroma of garlic. You can’t come to one of my studio sales without seeing the garlic grate bowls that I make in action.  So walk in a little further and taste the fresh-baked bread dipped into the garlic/olive oil mixture. You might want to eat some homemade cookies while you’re there too. Take your time, ask questions, this is your time to see how a potter makes this all happen. As you are browsing though the pottery displays, don’t forget about the my kiln room which get transformed into its own little pottery seconds sale. Yes there will be some pots with slight imperfections, sold at bargain prices!

Once you have had enough of my pots, walk through the studio door into our kitchen and see the pottery of Victoria Crowell. You should start smelling flowers by then, because with Vikki when you buy a vase filled with flowers you get not only the vase, but the flower bouquet too! I am happy to be having a guest potter this year for the first time, and Vikki is a great choice!  Here is a Vikki teaser.  Take a look at her website for more.

vikki c 2014

Vikki’s colorful cups!



Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail with us this weekend!

April 26th and 27th, 10-5 both days!

Take the self guided driving tour through the valley in western MA… see the studios and the work of nine potters and eleven guest potters.

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2014 brochure Final

Gettting Ready for the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

Our 9th annual Pottery Trail is at the end of the month!  Have you seen our brand new website?  
We have so many guest potters this year… it’s going to be a great one!
From North to South, the potters and the guests are. Mary Barringer, Todd Wahlstrom, Molly Cantor, Daniel Bellow, Steve Earp, Lucy Fagella, Tom White, Hayne Bayless, Sam Taylor, Tiffany Hilton, Adero Willard, James Guggina, Eveline Snyder, Francine Ozereko, Kristen Kieffer, Donna McGee, Mara Superior.

April 27th and 28th 2013!   See our website for all the details, and a printable brochure and map! 


Resting After a Very Busy Pottery Trail

I don’t know about the rest of you potters out there, but after I do a big weekend show it takes me a couple of days to recoup.  That’s one of the many reasons I don’t do craft fairs anymore.   This particular show… the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail is really intense.  Weeks of preparation, throwing, glazing, firing, promoting, then transforming the studio into a showroom.  Then a full non stop weekend of visitors, then transforming the studio back to a studio, and on top of that teaching classes the past two nights… WHEW!  Yet I must say to any potters out there who are thinking of doing a pottery tour, it’s all worth it… DO IT!  You build community with your fellow local potters, and the larger community, and people really love to come and see your studio, drive the country roads, and eat at local eateries.  It’s also great for the local economy! 

The Grandaddy of pottery tours is this weekend…   My friend Mary Barringer just finished our tour this past weekend, and she’s off to be a guest potter in the 19th annual Minnesota Tour this coming weekend… talk about tired!  She goes every year.  I always hear when she comes back, that people in Minnesota really get pottery!

After a couple of days of getting the studio back, and packing pots (for shops who placed orders way before the tour), I decided today was a complete DO NOT STEP FOOT IN THE STUDIO DAY!  I instead I planted lettuce, weeded spinach, and sat on the back porch drinking Mikes Hard Lemonade from one of my new cups!