Getting Pots Made for the Pottery Trail

The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail is coming up in six short weeks!  Our date this year is April 25th-26th.  In between getting pots made for that, I am spending time getting all of my information and photos to my web designer for my new website!  Hopefully it will be all up and running before the Trail.  My current website was made in 2010, even though it’s nice, it is antiquated.  It’s time for me to have a responsive website since a good percentage people use mobile devices to search sites.  Maybe I will share some sneak peeks of the website soon, but for now I will give you a peek of the mugs that will be ready for the Pottery Trail.

Last week I was working on mugs and cups, I was getting tired of trimming the same old foot. I was also dreaming of warm weather and flowers… zinnias to be exact, in the studio garden to be more exact.  So before I knew it these happy feet started to appear!  I always like to have texture on the bottom of my mugs (usually made with a wiggle type wire).  I think it’s fun to hold a mug and have something different to feel on different parts of the piece, and you can’t leave out the bottom!  We will see if this foot design becomes part of my repertoire or if it’s just something to get me through till the zinnia’s are in bloom.

Mugs DryingDetail of flower footHappy Feet

Goodies to Gather Before the First Frost

Waking this morning to see light frost on the field.  Yet the Dahlias, marigolds, and zinnias that I picked ruthlessly last night seemed to have survived close to the house.  I love that last picking… a bouquet in every room of the house brings the last of the outside beauty in! The past weekend also brought in the last of the garden crops, like carrots and beets to be stored layered, in buckets of sand in the root cellar.  Some things like leeks, broccoli, and kale can stay a bit longer with straw piled high around them.  We left some carrots like that too, but I’m sure they will become food for the voles soon enough.

October carrots for root cellar

before the first frostEnjoying the kitchen bouquet with my morning tea, and the new Ceramics Monthly, then off to the studio.  Today I am putting the handles on little berry strainers and brie bakers, then making large batter bowls.  Below are the little oval pitchers I love to make for maple syrup. Also some hanging salt boxes that I have been working at every little maddening technical detail for months now… they are challenging to say the least, but I love the challenge!  More to come on those in the next post.

little pitchers

Becoming a Teapot

You really do have to put your heart and soul into the making of a teapot.  It is only when you become a student of pottery that you understand all the time, effort, experience, artistry, and love of clay that it takes to make a teapot.

This past week in the studio was teapot making time!  Here is a little slide show to give you an idea about teapot parts.  The last photo includes a finished mug along side a teapot drying, showing what glaze the teapot will have.

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